There is enough time in your life for all that is important to you

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Find time your way

What do you know about time management?

Probably a lot.

You may have read about it or attended time management courses. 

So have I. 

They can be great. 

But a lot of them miss the point. 

Most of these systems neglect that efficiency is useless on unimportant tasks. 

They also ignore the fact that it doesn’t matter how much time you have if you don’t have the energy to use it.  

And the aspect they don’t include at all, is that productivity is irrelevant when you have lost your joy or don’t have the peace of mind to be truly present with your loved ones. 

My name is Annika Rosendahl.

I am here to help you find time your way, with Holistic Time Management.

There is enough time in your life for everything that is important to you. I hope you will let me help you find it, with my books, trainings or coaching.

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